CD Review: Of the Blue Colour of the Sky by OK Go

Ok Go just released their third LP, and you might not immediately recognize the band on Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. Singer Damian Kulash’s often higher register glides in the new, funkier Ok Go’s songs. I am a fan of Ok Go’s previous material and yet their most recent music puts them in another realm. The genres are not mutually exclusive but where they were pop before they are now gearing into funk. They’ve taken a chance with Of the Blue Colour of the Sky by using guitars and keys in different ways, but the risk has been paid off lustily.


The CD starts with WTF?, fuzzy toned and gyrating with Kulash singing It’s like I’m eye to eye/with a wild lion. Needing/Getting also has a gorgeous fuzz to it and is part of a trio of confidently positive songs on the CD: This Too Shall Pass and All is Not Lost. The next set of songs goes seriously dance-oriented. Skyscrapers’ sexy groove takes over; White Knuckles offers up a Prince-like feeling along with a hot, hot bass; and I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe is unholy great. End Love closes out the dance elements by a serenade, No one’s gonna find ya/When you’re hiding in the dark. Where the CD goes next may be more familiar to OK Go listeners and it’s just as awesome. It’s impossible to pick a favorite track on this CD because each song is worthy of the title. Before the Earth Was Round utilizes a voice changer, which brings an extra mood to the lyrics: War became a job/And love became a mystery/And heart and head were split into two. The CD ends with 60s-like songs Back from Kathmandu and In the Glass. Of the Colour of the Blue Sky is stunning and exquisite.

Check out the video for WTF? here.


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