Photos & Review: Hockey @ the Vera Project

All Photos by Nate Watters
More photos from this show can be seen Here

I first heard Hockey over a year ago when I was living in Portland, Oregon, the band’s hometown.  One of the main radio stations featured them on a program for local bands one day and not long after, began playing Hockey’s single, “Too Fake” as part of the regular music rotation. Not long after, “Work” became a regular occurrence on the radio as well. Judging by the crowd in attendance at their show last week at the Vera Project, word has spread quickly about the band in the last few years.

Sounding like what might have happened if The Strokes had been a disco band in the 70s, most of Hockey’s songs are upbeat, synthy dance numbers with an indie rock edge that beg you to get crazy on the dance floor. Not surprisingly, the people all around me were doing exactly that. Singer Ben Grubin had a ton of energy on stage. His expressive hand gestures and dancing were so captivating, he probably could have gotten away with singing gibberish in to the microphone and we all would have loved it. I had a great time, but not really one for dancing, I snapped these photos instead:












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