Photos: Christmas Pageant & Midnight Mass @ the Blue Moon

The Blue Moon held its 6th annual Christmas pageant and Midnight Mass last Thursday. Evidence:

midnightmass 015

midnightmass 007
Nic Gonzales of the Curious Mystery & Brad Dunn were there to play some stripped-down versions of Christmas songs.

midnightmass 024
Joe Howe played some excellent covers. I especially liked Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me.

midnightmass 052

midnightmass 063
Satan and Jesus duked it out. Jesus lost.

midnightmass 080

midnightmass 124

midnightmass 095

midnightmass 093

midnightmass 127

midnightmass 116
Christmas Belles were adorable. You can see their set list here. One highlight for me was Heat Miser.

midnightmass 162

midnightmass 173

midnightmass 168
Space Losers did a sketch right before Midnight Mass. These are hardworking puppets.

midnightmass 203

midnightmass 216

midnightmass 226
Reverend Darnell attacked at least one member of the congregation.
Gallery of Midnight Mass @ the Blue Moon
all photos by Dagmar


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