Photos: The Dandy Warhols @ Neumos 12.11.09

Friday night I headed over to Neumos to check out the Dandy Warhols, a band that I have to admit, I hadn’t heard much of since sometime back in the mid-’90s, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in to the venue. Shortly after they began playing, I felt ashamed I hadn’t kept up on their music more in recent years. The Dandies played an incredible two-hour set accompanied by some pretty impressive lighting that  helped make  the show a semi-psychedelic experience. Aside from the earplugs I left at home, the only thing that could have made this show any better would have been some kind of hallucinogenic drug.



Zia was a great subject at this show….she was so expressive and energenic. Those crazy lights behind her were constantly fading and changing to create really intense visual effects behind the band. They also made photographing the band a lot more difficult.



Courtney was killing it all night. By the end of the show he had just as much energy as when he played the first song of the night. The venue was packed. I was basically limited to one spot for the entire show.


Peter sort of hung out in this dark corner all night. He didn’t say anything, but I think he really let the guitar speak for him. He laid down some insane riffs. I thought this dim light on him really emphasized the idea I had of him being sort of separated from the rest of the band physically, though musically it was obvious he was fully connected the entire time.



I liked Brent’s position on stage with the drum set – he was basically right up front, to the left of Courtney, and just right of Zia. When he wasn’t backing vocals, he was so absorbed in his drumming. It was as if the music put him in a trance along with the rest of us. He was pretty intense.





These photos plus more from this show can be seen full size and at full resolution HERE


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