Photos: The Raveonettes @ Neumos

The Raveonettes are a pivotal band for me. They’re one of my favorites and I am so happy they come out with a solid album every couple years. It’s really fortunate that they are out there. Their set on Friday included a good mix of songs off their albums, including some of my favorites, Lust, Dead Sound, Do You Believe Her, Attack of the Ghost Riders and the new Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed). Singer/guitarist Sune Rose Wagner mentioned during the set that Boys Who Rape . . . came about after he had heard about the murder/rape of the Gits’ Mia Zapata. It’s not a common subject of music, though it’s one that touches so many people.

raves 276

raves 572

raves 042

raves 619

raves 262

raves 407
all photos by Dagmar


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