Photos: Gary Go @ the Moore

Take That is one of my favorite bands so it was with great interest that I saw the name Gary Go as one of the band’s openers in the United Kingdom. His name popped up again as an opener for Lady GaGa. Then I saw his name come up as the opener for Mika in North America and that he would be the opener at the Seattle Mika show. The wheels of my musical interest turned ever so harder as I prepped for press coverage of this show. Gary Go’s song Wonderful smacks you happily as what should be everyone’s anthem. I mean, why not? It’s positive, it’s got a great attitude – just like Gary Go himself had a great attitude at the Moore the other night. I also especially liked Engines . The crowd reaction was very strong and Gary Go will, I expect, be back headlining here soon. My photos:

garygo 155

garygo 324

garygo 067

garygo 103

garygo 287

garygo 349

garygo 351
all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Gary Go @ the Moore, page 1

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