Photos: What What Now and Fun Fun Fun @ the Comet

It’s easy to skip shows and stay home now that the weather is changing, and I very nearly did last Wednesday night, but am so glad I got myself out of my apartment and headed to Capitol Hill. The Comet Tavern hosted one of my favorite bands, What What Now, who played with new-to-me bands Fun Fun Fun, Battlehooch, and God.

Fun Fun Fun kicked off the night and I found them wonderfully balanced – I loved their music as much as frontman Kennedy Carda’s antics and will definitely see them again.


San Francisco’s Battlehooch didn’t completely work for me… their music was a little too busy at times and I kept wanting all the pieces to fall together into a cohesive sound, but they were committed to their performance and I did enjoy them overall.


What What Now was up next and blasted through a set of favorites. The cohesive sound I mentioned before is a What What Now strength, and live, these talented musicians really shine.


God was next and I was getting tired. I usually love bands with two drummers and God was no exception. I stood next to the drummer positioned at the back of the venue, away from the band onstage, and since I mostly heard him, I’ll have to (and gladly will) see God again.

More photos from this and other Comet shows here.


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