Photos: Plain White T’s and Snow Patrol @ Paramount Theatre

Snow Patrol played an epic set Wednesday October 14th at the majestic Paramount Theatre.  Fans of all ages braved the cold to pack both the floor and the upper levels of the much-loved establishment, with rockin’ results.

Illinois pop sensations Plain White T’s opened with a short but sweet setlist to an enthusiastic audience, including two girls brandishing glowsticks, one sporting a handmade “I <3 Tom!” t-shirt.  Their dedication paid off when lead singer Tom Higgenson spotted the pair and announced “I’m dedicating this song to that girl!” before continuing the set.


Tom Higgenson


Dave Tirio


De’Mar Hamilton


Tim Lopez


Mike Retondo


Let Me Take You There

Big Bad World

1 2 3 4


Write You A Song


Hey There Delilah



Snow Patrol came out in full force – with two drum kits, two guitarists and a bass to their name, they took full advantage of the acoustics of The Paramount.  It truly was a feel-good set, with many swaying couples dotted in amongst the rockers in attendance.

Not one to forget his roots, frontman Gary Lightbody was a fountain of comic relief during the set.  Urging the audience to sing along to the epic ‘Shut Your Eyes’, Lightbody approached the audience, mic in hand and asked impishly, “Can everybody just say ‘Yes!’ very loudly?  Ooh…that was satisfying…it’s lucky there’s a guitar here”.  The singer also made reference to a mishap the previous evening in Portland where he had fallen over an amp, faceplanting into the audience.  “I bet it’s on YouTube”, our hero lamented – you bet it is, Gary.

The concert felt at times like a “best of” session – big hits ‘Chasing Cars’, ‘Run’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Spitting Games’, ‘You Could Be Happy’ and ‘Take Back The City’ all featured in the setlist, while sadly indie pearls such as ‘Starfighter Pilot’, ‘Never Gonna Fall In Love Again’ and ‘Days Without Paracetamol’ were all absent – perhaps an effort to forget their early commercial failure?

The Irish/Scottish quintet certainly cannot make that complaint now – thanks to featuring on the soundtracks for Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, American Pie and Gran Turismo sequels, the rest is history.  Snow Patrol are working on their sixth studio album, one of the tracks from which they previewed in Seattle – it and ‘The Lightning Strike’ were among their more adventurous offerings.  Lightbody predicts a “mixed reaction” to the new album, and I say bring it on – the boys would do well to shake things up and venture into uncharted territory.  However the new album turns out, the band can take solace in Lightbody’s words as he was met with a sea of happy listeners:   “Look at all those smiling faces now.  What a beautiful thing”.






You can see more photos of Plain White T’s here and Snow Patrol here.

By Nicky Andrews


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