Photos: Dead Confederate & Feral Children @ the Greenhouse

One of my favorite local bands is Feral Children, and I knew they had a house show scheduled for last Sunday night. Since I was at Bumbershoot all weekend, I planned to skip it until I realized and confirmed the timing meant that Dead Confederate would also play. I have now seen Dead Confederate 7 times, and Feral Children either played on the bill or were present every time.

So, I ended my Bumbershoot Sunday with Sleepy Eyes of Death and headed to the CD. Once at the friendly Greenhouse (now on show-hiatus), I found a couch and planted myself, wonderfully comfortable after standing/walking all day at Seattle Center.

Bass issues of some sort plagued Dead Confederate, but the few songs they managed were incredible and I’m so glad I didn’t miss their set.

Wildcat Choir opened the show, and I definitely plan to see them again.

 Dead Confederate

Sunday was my 20th Feral Children show.


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