CD Review: Concrete Class by The Lonely H

The Lonely H released their latest CD, Concrete Class this summer. It’s satisfying to hear a band as consistently great as this. They’ve released three CDs since 2006. Their first was Kick Upstairs, which was followed by Hair in 2007. How do you follow up the high rock of these CDs, whose favorites of mine are the fabulous Draconius, Zelda, For Barbara, Hair, and Captain? You do it with something a bit different and yet something that does not jar with your previous work. The Lonely H has achieved this with the varied Concrete Class.

Concrete Class is mostly bluesy where their previous songs leaned towards the classic rock sound. It still rocks, just in a slightly different way. The Lonely H’s music has always struck me as very classic and free from artificiality. Out West combines the blues with the very best rock. Singer Mark Fredson’s voice is in a deeper register on these songs and it suits him just as beautifully well as the higher pitches of the band’s earlier CDs. From the galloping rhythm in Cold Blues to the awesome Out West and Diggin’ a Hole, to the cleansing The River, the CD is an adroit creation. Songs of particular moment for me are Take Care and Singer, both songs that tell stories you must listen to from beginning to end – there’s no just checking in midway for these songs. These songs should just swell up inside you.

Concrete Class (The Control Group)


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