CD Review: Priceless Concrete Echoes by the Penelope[s]

France’s duo The Penelope[s] have released a dynamite CD this year. Called Priceless Concrete Echoes, it has several great artists making appearances. I always like it when bands include guests in their work as it always creates a different feel in each song. For this CD they’ve included artists Morpheus, Dierdre Dubois and Malka Spiegel.

The Penelope[s], comprised of Axel Basquiat and Vincent Tremel, allow Morpheus to rage with his deep voice in Stuck in Lalaland (Where broken souls are banned/Dog eats dog downtown) and then be subtle in The Heat Goes On (Love’s got a sore back-scratched by dirty nails). I love the dark twinkling of these songs. And in Long Black Fly the Penelope[s] offer up a crushing dance tune calling out mankind with Civilization just might breed some perfect monsters/and bionic shits . . . Mrs. Hairy belly and Mr. Shaven head are looking for/anorexic spiders to feed/Or some bulimic dildos made in Tawain. The lyrics bring up some strange imagery with laser sounds to dance along to. They’ve also done a very unique of Beastie Boys’ Sabotage. Embrace it. Morpheus was a perfect choice to sing these songs, especially in the upbeat Licked by Love. The Heat Goes On is an extraordinarily well- designed song. When Morpheus sings You’ll wake the dead up with your kinky trash it’s grimy and wonderful. Morpheus co-wrote the songs he sings in with Basquiat and Tremel. They make a heavenly trio.

I don’t want to take away from Alex Basquiat’s vocals either. They’re right where they need to be in his songs. The lyrics are bizarre and the sounds are rabid. I like that. This is a favorite CD of mine and I salute and I thank the Penelope[s] for creating it.

Le Plan/Citizen Records

Video for Stuck in Lalaland, directed by Danakil


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