Photos: The Redwood Plan, What What Now and Thee Satisfaction @ our Blue Moon show

Friday night rocked. We had the best lineup, the best audience, and for a Backbeat Seattle show, the best venue in town. Seriously.

THEESatisfaction immediately charmed me. San Francisco has lured our ladies from us, so check their site for shows and see them while you can.


What What Now splendidly proved again why they are one of my favorite bands. There’s a point in most of their songs where merely listening ends and the music actually takes me somewhere. It’s wonderful.



The Redwood Plan is the perfect band for any venue, but I love how their sound sunk into the Blue Moon’s woody interior. Larry’s bass was thankfully more prominent than at recent shows and they sounded great – I love the songs they showcased from their new EP.

photo by dagmar

Dagmar says:

Booking a show is really difficult and every time I do it I am reminded how much I appreciate and admire bookers. We were lucky to get these bands, The Redwood Plan, What What Now and THEESatisfaction to take a chance on a new blog’s first showcase. There was a huge audience for them and from THEESatisfaction’s alluring and connected performance to What What Now’s sultry punkness to The Redwood Plan’s dazzling and tasty set I want to say thank you to the bands! And thank you to the Blue Moon for hosting, KEXP and the Stranger for giving it props, everybody who came to the show, and Amelia – who designed a really wicked poster and co-organized the whole shebang.

Thank you Dagmar, the bands, the Blue Moon, and all our friends who came out to Backbeat Seattle’s first show. I had a blast and hope you did too. More of my photos here.
More of Dagmar’s photos: The Redwood Plan, What What Now, and THEESatisfaction.
See you next time.


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