Show Review & Photos: the Warlocks & Gliss @ Chop Suey

I finally saw the Warlocks! Something always seems to happens so that I miss them. I caught part of a show of theirs once when they opened for the Raveonettes probably 6 years ago – I know it’s been a long time. So finally seeing them last night was a very good experience. They have a dark and emotional pull to their songs and the way they play their instruments. Red Camera was fantastic. The band was joined by the Morning After Girls (whose set I reviewed earlier) and Gliss, a trio from Los Angeles. These bands all made sense to play on the same bill. This does not always happen. I liked the way Gliss traded off instruments, allowing different strengths to come through when one would play bass and alternate between guitar and drums. Love Songs and Lovers in the Bathroom were my favorites.

The Warlocks


All photos by Dagmar

Gallery of the Warlocks @ Chop Suey
Gallery of Gliss @ Chop Suey

The Warlocks, Red Camera

Gliss, Gimme the Hit


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