Photos & Show Review: The Morning After Girls @ Chop Suey

How in love am I with the Morning After Girls? Very, very much. Some bands are able to fold into my blood stream and this is one of them. They’ve got a depth to them that was first revealed to me when I saw the band open for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club a few years ago. Their set at Chop Suey on Saturday was largely reliant on the recently released and gorgeous CD, Alone, but there were also a couple songs from 2005’s Shadows Evolve.

The Morning After Girls @ Chop Suey – photo by Dagmar

I like it when singers and guitarists are just as wonderfully capable of blending together as they are as independent artists – this is definitely the case with TMAG’s Sacha Lucashenko and Martin B. Sleeman. I’m also really into paying attention to their lyrics, like in the sorrowful Part of Your Nature: Cause losing your love wasn’t part of the test/ Don’t feel hatred/Cause denial is part of your nature. Death Processions was a dagger of a song – wait okay I am just saying here that all of these songs were daggers of songs. The General Public got to the point with: . . . find a safe space safe place/ to make yourself less two-faced. And Alone was so immediate.

They’re heading all over the States in August so chances are good you can catch this foxy band.

All photos by Dagmar.

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And get a taste of their live action in this video for The General Public:


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