Photos: Feral Children @ Neumos

Record high temperatures couldn’t stop me from going to Neumos last night to see Feral Children. I waited an unacceptably long time for a bus that never came and took this photo of fitting sidewalk art before grabbing a cab to Capitol Hill.

Feral Children played with their usual fervor, though you could practically see the heat in Neumos. I loved their set and the fact that they played an encore after they were obviously spent. We all were, it seemed, except for a small group of happy fans who danced like crazy and one grinning guy who ran laps around the outer edges of the audience throughout several songs. 

It was tough motivating myself enough to get out the door and to the show, but I’m so glad I went. The bands, Neumos staff, and all the hardy folks who turned out made the trip worth the effort.


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