Photos & Review: Super Geek League @ the Showbox

Sometimes I read complaints from people who cover music that nothing surprises them anymore and that everything is the same. I don’t feel like that and I definitely didn’t feel like that while watching Seattle’s Super Geek League. I am still not certain what happened while they were onstage. I saw a dancing a leprechaun, 2 beautiful female dancers, 1 beautiful female singer, 2 musicians dressed as the Heat Miser (I think), a hot skeleton horn section, a rapping skeleton, unknown creatures, dancing robots, a devil, a drummer playing his heart out, and singing/misbehaving gnomes. And they were all great! It was a visual feast to match their all-inclusive sound. At times they sounded like hiphop, rap, hard rock, metal, or funk and whatever they did they did it right. I want to get to know this band much, much better and fortunately I am in possession of their second CD, A Magic Castle Land. So far I especially like Robot Rape, Lies and Rust Within. I need to get their first CD, Peppermint Rainbows. Quickly.

Gallery of Super Geek League, page 1 and Gallery of Super Geek League, page 2


One thought on “Photos & Review: Super Geek League @ the Showbox

  1. Awesome pics!!!!! Thats me as the G-Nome with yellow shorts and as the Love Demon. Muffpumper is the other G-Nome with the red shorts and Robby the Robot.
    P-Word and Vy Agra are in the first pic,
    Commander Tomorrow in the fourth…then a dead leprechaun walking…james the cyborg, Fuschia Fox, and Gale Force.

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