Photos: Dagmar’s Birthday Show @ the Blue Moon

I adore Dagmar, but am quick to dismiss some of the music she listens to due to my own closed-mindedness, especially about anything remotely resembling the 80s. I tend to shut down as soon as I see fringed scarves over t-shirts or hear those familiar new-wave sounds I suffered through in high school.

Fortunately, bands like The Royal Bear are here to help me through this self-induced stubbornness. Though their sound reminds me of a time I try to psychologically block, The Royal Bear allows me to see past their 80s-influenced roots and hear them for what they are, which is a talented modern band. They sounded terrific at Dagmar’s Blue Moon birthday show and I’ll definitely see them again.


Blood Red Dancers also took me by surprise. I listened to them before the show and was expecting something more Doors-influenced and straightforward than the original sound and intensity that is Blood Red Dancers live. Wow.


The only act on Dagmar’s bill I’d seen prior to her show was opener Gabe Mintz, a gifted singer/songwriter whose passion for his music is matched only by his talent. Trent Moorman joined Gabe for a few songs, drumming on an empty water cooler bottle and bongos. It was a lovely set and a great way to start the night.

Dagmar put together a show worthy of the occasion, and even though she was unable to attend, her presence was felt in the music she chose and the friends there to support her. Thanks to the bands, the Blue Moon and everyone who came out for making it a special night.

More pix from Dagmar’s birthday show and many others at the Blue Moon can be found in their photo set.



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