How To Get Your Band Banned from The Blue Moon The Abodox Way

I was at the Blue Moon last night for Diminished Men and Wah Wah Exit Wound, and left before The Abodox played their set. I assume what happened after the show means I won’t get a second chance to see them on one of my favorite stages, and that’s fine by me. Here’s how Blue Moon’s JJ recounts the stupidity to Line Out’s Dave Segal:

Thanks again for coming down. It was a five star show. However, something happened afterwards that soured the experience for all involved.

You probably noticed the painting behind the stage, the one with all the beer cans. It was done by our bartender Mary McIntyre:

So I noticed the Abadox drummer admiring the painting during load-in. It’s a frequent occurrence, given the nature of the artwork.

While the band is loading out, I notice their drummer trying to smuggle something out the door behind their amps. Turns out it was the very same painting. I busted him on the spot and got nothing but a bunch of smart-ass conjecture. He told one of our regulars that he loved the painting and, since no one else could possibly appreciate its majesty, he decided to liberate it.

He put his time into it — the painting was secured to the wall via a mounting. His unleashing involved unscrewing the painting from the wall. This was not a drunken grab. It was a painstaking labor. I admit that I was not paying attention to the stage at the time, but it’s rare that a band tries to steal from us. We run a good ship.

When accosted outside, I was met with nothing but a smart-ass attitude. “Yeah, I tried to steal your painting and I got caught,” he said. “I don’t know what the big deal is.”

The other band members weren’t much help. I gave them the benefit of the doubt — they didn’t steal anything — but surely they must have been aware of their drummer’s doings. And the more I and some of our regulars laid into him about it, the more flip and sarcastic he became. It took a lot of resistance to not make things physical, especially as the harangues kept on coming. He just plastered on a shit eating grin on his face and continued to flaunt his transgression.

What sucks is that he ruined an otherwise fantastic night of music. What sucks even more is that I paid the band before one of the members decided to go all jackass on us.

When I told him word would be getting out about this, he smiled even bigger and said to yes, by all means, let people know what he did. So here you go.



11 thoughts on “How To Get Your Band Banned from The Blue Moon The Abodox Way

  1. It is a pretty cool painting, do you blame him? He was probably just drunk. You got the painting back, must you really try to ruin their reputation based on one stupid drunken mistake?

  2. Yes, I do blame him. Being drunk does not excuse stealing. He was sober enough to unscrew the painting from the wall and try to sneak it out, so he was certainly sober enough to ask someone if it was available by legitimate means.

    How would you feel if you were the artist, had he gotten away with it? Are you really saying it’s ok to steal a painting just because it is ‘pretty cool’?

    As far as ruining their reputation – please read the last line of the post – I’m giving him exactly what he asked for.

  3. Frances Engtine you give drunk people a bad name. I have probably been drunker than anyone but I would never steal any thing from anybody. This guy is a thief and a worthless piece of shit and you are an idiot to defend him.

  4. Here, Here Amelia!

    Though according to a comment on Sound on the Sound, the band is issuing a formal statement today about the incident

  5. Check out Mary’s excellent paintings at this and decide for yourself if artwork of this caliber is appropriate for an establishment such as the B.M. If any further venting need be done, please feel free to voice your displeasure.

    Thank you.


  6. That’s seriously the lamest response ever. I’m sure every thief is just trying to ‘liberate something’ they ‘truly appreciate.’

  7. Everything is up for grabs!
    This rock n roll people!
    It’s always been about rockin’ and drunken debauchery!
    Is stealing wrong? Hell yes!
    Is he a jack ass for trying to steal it? fuck yeah!
    But so fuckin’ what!
    Any publicity is good publicity!
    Shit on the blue moon, the painting and JJ!
    How was their set? That’s what really matters!
    ~Mr. Bastard

  8. Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

  9. And here we have the two most talked about bands in Seattle and not beacuse of the music they Make: Abodox and Mad Rad.

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