Love Truckasauras? Behold Blogasauras!

Here’s what the Truck gents have to say for themselves:

“The Launch of Blogasauras Pisses off Legions of Truckasauras Fans, Now have proof of bands dorkiness” – Seattle, Wa


Thats right Truckasauras has finally made it legit and have totally sold out. In partnership with some very unsavory characters (Hondurans I think….), Truckasauras are now in the process of making moves to take over the trafficking of “Cool”, “Hip”, and “Underground” in the Pacific NW. While some may mistakenly say “The world needs another fucking band blog like I need a nice cup of tea at Sassy’s (what up my PDX peeps!!!)” that is not completely the case here. You see Blogasauras is here as a service  to the people. People who truly need to know about vintage slasher movie soundtracks, the latest shark sightings, if breakin’ really is a memory, studio sessions, sticky and/or icky, occasional real rap shit, The Mighty DEF SOW, info about the band, Matt McConaughey, whether it’s c/v or midi, oversized tires, liquor (I barely knew her), the sounds of Perez Prado, and all kinds of other random shit. These fools actually believe that the world is ready to read about their shitty exploits all over South Central Capitol Hill and other hipstered out ghettoes around the world, Boh!!!

Per Blogasauras, you can next experience Truckasauras live at the Capitol Hill Block Party on 7/24 @ 7:45 @ Neumos. I took the photos below at a variety of Truck shows and can’t wait to see them again.


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