Photos: Three nights at The Blue Moon

I caught some of The Voodoo Fix on Thursday, High Class Wreckage, Antique Scream and Thunderbird Motel on Friday and Gozer, The Seattle Supersonics, The Hot Kicks and Bad Love Sessions Saturday – all at the Blue Moon.

No, I did not lose a bet. I love the Blue Moon and have seen a whole bunch of my favorite bands there including What What Now, The Whore Moans, Thee Emergency, The Ironclads, The Moondoggies, Gabe Mintz, A Gun That Shoots Knives… I could go on and on and will, once my Blue Moon venue spotlight is finished. For now, let’s get back to this past weekend.

The Voodoo Fix from L.A. played Thursday – I caught a few songs as I was winding down my night.


Friday’s show was great fun – Matt Brown was there and eloquently recapped the night:

“The combination of the Blue Moon, alcohol and Thunderbird Motel is a fairly safe bet for one wishing to while away a Friday evening with some straight-ahead no-frills rockin’ – I’m sure I’ve seen Thunderbird Motel at other venues, but for some reason I think of them as a sort of Blue Moon house band, perfectly suited to the infamously debauched environment.


The problem with seeing so many bands on a nightly basis, in the guise of a civilian local rock fan – unencumbered by camera and notebook and any semblance of sobriety – is that recollections tend to blend together over time and one might forget what a lethal Bleach-era scream Aaron from High Class Wreckage has, or perhaps preconceptions formed after seeing too many crappy central Arizona-based rockers lead an unwary listener to be blindsided by the recently transplanted Antique Scream’s thunderous psychedelic raunchiness.


Fortunately, I enjoy being bludgeoned by a few consecutive pleasant surprises. It was simple melodic hard rock across the board, but with enough of a leering snarl and earnest stage presence to keep it all fun.”

High Class Wreckage

Antique Scream

Thunderbird Motel


And then Saturday! Saturday’s Blue Moon show started with the incomparable Gozer and included much brilliance from guitarist Ben Harwood. Matt Brown added vocals to a delightful song called “Traffic Jam”.

The Seattle Supersonics played “Basketball Jones” which made me unreasonably happy.

I find the resurgence of 80s era fashion unfortunate. I’ll admit to being distracted by Australian band The Hot Kicks’ look, and was a little surprised at how great they sounded. Their drummer Kim was amazing.

Bad Love Sessions headlined Saturday night and provided the perfect end to a long string of shows.

More Blue Moon photos are in their set, venue spotlight forthcoming, and be sure to join us at the Blue Moon August 14th for Backbeat Seattle’s first showcase featuring The Redwood Plan, What What Now and Thee Satisfaction.


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