Don’t miss Gabe Mintz Thursday @ Fuel

Hate weeknight shows? You know you’re going to be all groggy at work the next day, so you might as well skip ’em in lieu of much needed sleep. I’m usually right there with you, but Gabe Mintz should not – cannot be missed and what you’ll get back from his performance far outweighs a little sleepiness on… wait a minute! I have Friday off! And you probably do too! Problem solved.

Gabe (w/ Trent Moorman) played an in-studio on Hollow Earth Radio last night that reached right through my headphones and I again felt as if his songs were written and being performed for just me. Thursday’s Fuel show will be Gabe solo, and mention was made of a Can Can show in July w/ Trent that may cause a tear-worthy show conflict for me. I believe Gabe said it’s on July 30 and although I am 100% in love with another band playing that night (I’ve only seen them once!), I can’t think of anything that could keep me away from Gabe’s show. First, though, is Thursday, and I can’t wait.


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