Show Review & Photos: Peaches at the Showbox

Peaches is such a star. I first saw her at Neumos in Seattle in 2004, so this is kind of my five year anniversary with her. She’s got an incredible, inspiring and adventurous oeuvre and collaborated with other icons – Iggy Pop especially comes to mind. Her most recent release, I Feel Cream, including its title track showcases what is a beautiful and forceful voice. I like that in her live performances she takes on her audience and never stops trying new things – she’s always decked out in something gorgeous and she’s just so different from any female (and male) artist out there. And she’s out there – she’s far out. Others might copy her, but setting up a laser beam apparatus to her clitoris and pointing it out straight into the audience – I have not seen this specifically before. Maybe you have. I have not. I think her new CD is probably her best, in total, and it all sounds so fab live. Her band came out in dungeon master outfits made of what appeared to be disco ball material. Peaches, well, Peaches came out in a diagonal printed number with a fluffy pink scarf. She seems to like pink and black – that’s a woman after my own heart.

All photos by Dagmar

More Photos of Peaches at the Showbox.


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