Dark Signals Remix Listening Party @ Moe Bar this Tuesday

I was listening to “Pierce The Air” super-loud in my headphones over the weekend when the bus I was on was overtaken by a cloud of pollen fluff. It swirled around while we waited at the light and I watched as each little white puff ran into the window inches from my face, matching a note that swirled in my ears. Sleepy Eyes of Death‘s music is sensory that way – I’ll never hear that song the same way again.

Sleepy Eyes create songs that continue to grow after they are handed off to happy listeners, and a handful of gifted artists have remixed their Dark Signals songs to take them even further – my favorite so far being Truckasauras‘ mix of “Crushed By Stars”.

Head out to Moe Bar tomorrow for Mass Mvmnt’s listening party:sleepyjpg

What’s next for Sleepy Eyes of Death? The dreams I had last night after falling asleep listening to the remixes make me want a laser show.


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