Photos: The Horrors @ Neumos

The Horrors played in near complete darkness when they opened for the Kills, which is a nightmare when you’re trying to take photos. I’m guessing they wanted to the focus to be entirely on the staggeringly great music, and I understand this. On the other hand they’re a fine looking group of guys who are great photo subjects, so I am torn on this one. Go ahead and throw your Joy Division or whatever comparisons around, I am going to nail it by saying these new Horrors sound a lot like one of my top ten favorite bands, the Chameleons. I don’t want to say they’re an exact copy, because they’re not, it’s just another reason why I am impressed with this band. The Horrors nearly reinvented themselves with their second CD, Primary Colours, but if you listen closely it’s the same band trying something new, and I like that. They are still a dark band capable of creating a deadly atmosphere – witness the New Ice Age, when singer Faris Badwan storms out with The Agony and the Harm is Critical/Through a Frosted Stopwatch/Time is Ticking. I managed to get some photos – next time I hope to get more.

More photos of the Horrors at Neumos.


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