Photos: Melvins, Green River and Melvins @ Showbox

Friday’s sold out Showbox show was unbelievably fun, surpassing my high hopes. The Melvins and Green River are both timeless in music and performance and perfectly matched to share a bill. Both (all three?) bands delivered – the Melvins’ current incarnation opened the night and left me stunned and delighted.

Green River took the stage and prowled through old favorites with “This Town”, “P.C.C” and “Come on Down” standing out for me. I saw Green River twice last year and on Friday they seemed tighter, more like a current thriving band than a bunch of talented guys from other amazingly good bands that got back together for a show to bash out some old songs. I loved their set and so did their fans.

Olden-times Melvins headlined the show – they started into Houdini and the pit got crazy. Beer cans were flung onstage, bodies surfed, and sweat flowed. Security had their work cut out for them as the crowd surged and a few front-rowers had to be hoisted over the barricade. The music sludged on and I was taken back in time to when I first listened to Houdini at volume sufficient to drown out the chronic Magic games taking place in my dining room. (I’ll tap your freaking manna.)

Friday’s was my 50th show of 2009, which has yielded some great music so far. The Melvins, Green River and Melvins are near the top of my favorites list and will be tough to beat.


2 thoughts on “Photos: Melvins, Green River and Melvins @ Showbox

  1. i was so glad to have gifted photog, bbs contributor and incredibly nice guy alex crick in the pit with me – there’s a photo above with him grabbing a shot of mark arm.

    yes, only 50 shows so far, but i’ve been sick a lot so far this year. there’s still time to catch up. 🙂

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