Photos: Ida Maria and the Redwood Plan

Ida Maria played a free show at the Crocodile last weekend. I was curious to see the Norwegian singer for a few reasons, one being I have a soft spot for Scandinavian artists, the other was that I read about her being compared to the goddess Freyja on the Crocodile’s press page. Another was that I thought she’d be a great photo subject – and she turned out to be a wonderful subject no question there. There is also no question about her being compared to a goddess – I can see that. Freyja is one of the best female goddesses in any pantheon, I mean, her chariot is drawn by cats.

Nils Blommér painting

Ida Maria was wonderful, invigorating in fact. One fan even got onstage and took his pants off during I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked.

The Redwood Plan opened the show and were just so exciting. I saw them on Saturday night and I was happy to see them on Sunday night too. That’s a sign of a great band – that you can see them again and again and it’s a wonderful experience.

all photos by Dagmar
More photos of Ida Maria: page 1 & page 2
& More photos of the Redwood Plan.


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