Show preview: Sleepy eyes of death @ chop suey this friday

Sleepy Eyes of Death is one of the best bands I’ve seen in my 25+ years of show-going. My first exposure to them was at a live show last year, when I became an instant fan. It’s obvious they’re serious about their sound and the hard work it takes to prepare for their live show, with all that gear and meticulously placed lights, pays off immeasurably when you’re standing in the audience with their music and fog washing over you.

Chop Suey will be a great venue for Sleepy Eyes of Death – I can’t recommend this show highly enough and hope to see you there. Check back here post-show for photos and an in-depth interview I recently conducted with this amazing local band.

Oh! And check out this video for one of my favorite songs, Final Heart Beats Black.

A few shots from past shows:






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