Photos: The Lonely Forest & New Faces @ the Vera Project

The Lonely Forest released their new CD, We Sing the Body Electric at the Vera Project on Friday night. They were joined by New Faces, the Globes and Wild Orchid Children. Sadly I arrived late to the show and missed most of the Globes. Wild Orchid Children had some technical difficulties that made the vocals impossible to hear- always a shame – but managed to do some intriguing drum work among the entire band.

Now, on to the Lonely Forest and New Faces. It’s trite to say that the future of Seattle music in good hands. How many times can you read that and say it? It’s so true though when we’re talking about these bands. They’re luscious. The Lonely Forest gave out homemade cookies and their guitarist kept playing despite a bleeding wound on his left knuckles. My favorite song was Blackheart Vs. Captain America.

You can catch the Lonely Forest again in Seattle with Jeremy Enigk at Neumos on May 14th. I will be there.

I’m probably more than a little crazy about New Faces. Even though he was battling a flu bug, their bassist Kyle kept going, at one point asking for the bass to be turned up. One thing people must know about me is that I love a loud bass so this was bonus bonus bonus. Thank you New Faces. Favorite song? Ms. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

New Faces play June 10th @ Neumos with Scotland’s 1990s as part Noise for the Needy. I will be there for this one too.

You can see more photos I took of both bands here:
The Lonely Forest @ the Vera Project
New Faces @ the Vera Project


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